Kiwi Releases

Releasing juvenile kiwis back into the wild is a very special occasion. It is a powerful advocacy tool that has introduced thousands of people to this unique and endangered species.

It is the wish of the owners of Manunui to leave a living legacy of kiwi on Manunui and neighbouring surrounds for present and future generations to enjoy, nurture, and protect

Following a karakia (prayer to wish the young bird every success on its journey), the Kiwi Project Manager explains how the project came about, what its results, successes, highs and lows have been, and shows the special physical features of kiwi to the people attending.

This is especially rewarding for children who may never otherwise get an opportunity to see kiwi in the wild. They can touch and learn about how kiwi live, and may even be empowered to become kiwi managers themselves… 

Children have a great experience at chick releases Hokio Ngatai Erua Tinirau blesses the first chicks released into Karioi Rahui