Kiwi in our backyard

In the Ruapehu district kiwi are all around us, including Tongariro National Park, Karioi Rahui, Rangataua Forest, Tongariro Forest, Whanganui National Park, Waimarino Forest and private farmland. We have a nationally significant population in a commercial plantation forest (Waimarino Forest) that has been studied closely since 1996. There are many opportunities for local residents to hear, and possibly see kiwi, on their own land or in adjacent public conservation reserves.




Kiwi thrive in exotic plantations too

The Whakamanu Wildlife Trust has worked on private land within Waimarino Forest, a commercial pine forest administered by Ernslaw One Limited, and owned by local iwi under the collective stewardship of three shareholder incorporations, Waimarino Ngaporo Inc, Atihau Whanganui Inc, and Pipiriki Inc.

The extensive research project within an operational production pine forest is unparalleled anywhere in New Zealand. The Whakamanu Wildlife Trust and its partners plan to continue and expand kiwi protection work by supplementing breeding programmes on neighbouring Manunui, which will naturally disperse throughout Waimarino Forest…and they need your help!