Where Kiwi live

In the Ruapehu Region there are a few areas where kiwi are being actively managed. These include; Tongariro Forest (One of five national kiwi sanctuaries), Karioi Rahui (Mainland Island restoration area), Waimarino Forest (A commercial plantation), and Whanganui National Park. As well as occupying forest and scrubland remnants on private land mostly to the south and west of Mt Ruapehu.

The Whakamanu Wildlife Trust currently works on private land adjacent to Waimarino Forest, producing kiwi chicks for re-release into Manunui Open Space Covenant, supporting the population growth work undertaken by neighbours Ernslaw One Ltd.

The Whakamanu Wildlife Trust initially focused on returning kiwi to Karioi Rahui, to assist Ngati Rangi and the Department of Conservation with their objectives to re-establish a population of kiwi within their former range.

The Department of Conservation continues that work, and the Trust now focuses on management and protection of kiwi on Manunui, in support of the population growth and protection works in the adjacent large (14,000 ha) plantation forest of Waimarino, in conjunction with Ernslaw One Ltd (Forest Managers) and tangata whenua incorporations as proprietors of Waimarino Forest